October 13, 2022

Join the Ligue 1 podium by voting for your 3 favorite clubs

To highlight their partnership with Amazon Prime Video, ActuFoot set up a collaborative live event where participants could predict the TOP 3 Ligue 1 podium at the end of the season.

Dynamic Live@ActuFoot_#PodiumLigue1

Dynamic Live, en savoir plus sur cette mécanique :
That kind of campaign is a live that is automatically updated according to the actions of the users. For example, if you ask a question and the users answer, the live will be updated in real time to display the answers of the users. It is a very interactive and dynamic campaign that allows you to create a unique experience for your followers.

The Briefing 💬

The goal was to engage the communities of the X accounts @ActuFoot_ and @Footballogue to give visibility to their partner Amazon Prime Video, which was exclusively broadcasting Ligue 1 matches on their platform at that time.

The Mechanics ⚙️

A ranking was devised to predict a collaborative Ligue 1 podium at the end of the season, based on the participants' votes. They had to comment with the hashtags of the clubs they saw in the TOP 3 at the end of the season.

For example, by replying #OM #OL #RCL, 1 vote for each club was added.

Checks were in place to count only the hashtags of the clubs and not to count duplicate votes (#OM #OM #OM).

The Little Extras 🍒

A tailor-made operation perfectly suited to ActuFoot's needs.

A lot of details were put into the animations of the little hearts (as on Instagram lives) to make them unique and dynamic based on the votes.

Video highlighting the live animations.
Video highlighting the live animations.

Olympic numbers 💥

  • Nearly 90 hours of live
  • Over 1,780,000 impressions
  • Over 290,000 viewers on the live
  • Over 3000 comments

And fans delighted by the creativity and unique experience developed!

Testimonial from our (double) client 💙

The result was of high quality and professional. The team was responsive, deadlines were met, and they were proactive. I recommend it, it's a 5-star experience.

Grégoire Mariel, founder of Footballogue and co-founder of Agence Pertinence.

The design was very quick, we expected it to take more time and be less easy to set up. In terms of engagements and impressions, it met our goals, if not exceeded them.

Steeve Hy, founder of ActuFoot_ and co-founder of Agence Pertinence.

Want to Try? Let's Talk! 💌

If you like or are inspired by this type of campaign, don't hesitate for a second and contact us to discuss and set up your own version for your next event to reach/exceed your engagement goals!