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What does "Pickaw" mean?

Pickaw is the abbreviation for the expression "pick a winner" (select a winner).

Why Pickaw became paid?

Wishing to offer more services to contest organizers and support more and more social media, we created a structure and hired employees to maintain and develop the platform every day.

Do I have to pay?

No. You can still continue to import contests and draw contests for free with the Basic plan with some limits that do not prevent a successful draw.

How to check a draw?

You can check a draw from this page and paste the contest link or the seed of a draw.

How to create a contest on Pickaw?

You can now create a contest on Pickaw thanks to the Contest Builder, which brings many new features and has a very different way of working from TWrench. However, it is still possible to import contests via the Quick Draw.

Can I do a final draw again?

No. We have limited to only one final draw per contest in order to avoid fraud and for transparency reasons. However, a draw verification page remain available and can be made before each final draw.

Can I load the entries of a contest again?

No. The load of entries is only possible once per contest. We advise you to do it when you want to close the contest either because it is time to make the draw or because the entry date has expired.

Why have so many permissions on my Twitter account?

On Pickaw, we use a new Twitter API (and different from the one used on TWrench) in order to be able to deliver high quality services. On this API, Twitter requires us to enable the read, write and access private messages permissions on your account so that we can subscribe to it. But that's not the only reason. Also, we may need these permissions for example when you want to create a contest via Pickaw (publish instead of you), send a private message to the winner (access to private messages) or pre-fill the email field when you register (access your email)...

Do you sell my data?

No. And it's far from being in our roadmap... 🤔

Are you in good standing with the GDPR?

Yes, a large majority of the data we store for our users comes from social media and is therefore subject to their policies. We also act as a subcontractor of the data you own. However, we still secure our servers to ensure their security and privacy.

Can I get an additional discount?

No. The rates displayed on the site are the applicable rates and cannot be subject to personal discounts. However, we can make group rates when several teams or options are subscribed simultaneously (contact us to discuss about that).

Why can't I see the Facebook contests I'm participating in?

The Facebook API does not allow us to find a user through the different contest pages, and this intentionally. We will do our best to propose this when it is made possible by Facebook.

Is Pickaw really reliable and secure?

Yes, your connection to the platform is secured by a highly secure encryption and can be seen in the URL with a green lock and the company name Pickaw SAS displayed. We invite you to consult our Trustpilot page to ensure the reliability of our services.

What is the difference between the anti-bot filter and the anti-contestants filter?

The anti-bots filter is a way to exclude all automated entries or accounts from the draws. It is an extremely reliable and unquestionable filter that ensures that you do not win an automated account.
The anti-contestants filter is represented as a gauge that defines a threshold above which the contest organizer can exclude accounts with more than X percent participation in contests. These participations are not automated but represent an obstacle for the organizer who wants to retribute his subscribers.

Is it possible to subscribe to the year?

Yes, you can choose to be invoiced annually instead of monthly, payment will be made immediately for the rolling year. By subscribing to the year, you also save 2 months of subscription (almost 20%)!

Is VAT included in the price?

No. All our prices are displayed duty-free, they do not take into account the VAT applicable according to the country and the status of the customer.

Is there a special rate for non-profit organizations or open-source projects?

Yes, we are happy to help these structures and apply a special rate for them. We invite you to contact our sales team to find out if you are eligible if you wish to benefit from it.

Why not put advertising to monetize?

As a professional platform, we want to deliver a smooth and pleasant user experience, without advertising. Moreover, this monetization system is not reliable since'a large majority of people use blockers nowadays.

Why fight fraud in contests?

You may have seen us help people with suspicions to unmask fake contest accounts, publicly alert when draw platforms do not do it correctly, etc. At Pickaw, this is also our commitment through transparency, because it is important to us that a draw is done with integrity, no matter where.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept online payments by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay.

Do you make refunds?

No. In accordance with our general terms and conditions of sale, no refund can be made.

Are there any free trial periods?

You can always try, it really depends on our mood and how it is requested 🥰