This is just a summary, but here are our most important features.

Anti-bots and anti-contestants filter
Exclude automated accounts and contestants from your contests.
Manual check
Check the entries before designating a winner.
Verification of the draw
Publicly prove the authenticity of the draw to the contestants.
Contest planningContest Builder
From publications to the announcement of winners.
Contact of winnersContest Builder
Contact the winners automatically by private message.
Advanced actionsContest Builder
Set up each action in detail.
Contest remindersContest Builder
Save time by planning your reminders in advance.
Exclusion of accountsContest Builder
Exclude previous winners or arbitrary accounts.
Automatic drawContest Builder
Schedule an automated draw in advance.
Contests previewContest Builder
Preview the publications of your contests before publishing them.
Contest Builder

Creation of contests

We have designed a tailor-made tool to create contests that we have called Contest Builder. Save time with a simple, intuitive and feature-rich interface.

The Contest Builder is available as of the Premium plan and allows you to create your contests from a single interface for each of the social media we support.

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contest builder
quick draw
Quick Draw

Load of contests

You didn't know Pickaw before launching your contest or don't want to use the Contest Builder? No problem, the Quick Draw is made for you.

Thanks to the Quick Draw, you just have to copy and paste the link of your contest to import it on Pickaw. You can then load its entries, set it up and then draw.

Quick Draw contests have fewer features and checks during the draw.
Load your contests


This is undoubtedly the most important part of your contests, the one where you must not miss any step, otherwise you could have to deal with a bad buzz, thus a guaranteed loss of credibility! By using Pickaw, your draws are conducted in perfect accordance with the conditions of your contest.

In addition to this, a public page is accessible at the end of a final draw: this makes it possible to prove the authenticity of the draw to the contestants by using a trusted third party.

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