All our services are provided to offer you the best, at all times.


A pledge of very high quality

henry from stello

Essential today, you can't imagine a company without insurance. However, in some areas such as the one in which we operate, this insurance is not mandatory where it is in other areas.

At Pickaw, we deliver very high quality services. And with this in mind, we have decided to ensure your daily use of our platform, because we want the best for all our users.

As you know, unfortunately not everything can always go as planned. That's why we took the time to identify the risks by measuring their criticality in order to be able to control them in all circumstances.

The data we store for you, our services and the services we provide you are insured by AXA Enterprises by Stello.

Stello, the 100% digital insurer

Stello presents itself as the 100% digital insurer for the self-employed and small companies.

But "small companies" does not mean small guarantees. At Stello, we are covered for damages up to 9,000,000 euros. It is also an opportunity to have a privileged relationship with our interlocutors, who are attentive and very responsive.

Pickaw is insured at Stello under the contract number C-EA-5D1DFA74ABCA0.


The opinion of our insurer

François-Xavier Combe
To undertake is to take risks! Yes, but not all of them. We are happy to support Pickaw on a daily basis to protect their business.
François-Xavier Combe
Founder & CEO of Stello