TWrench becomes Pickaw!


After more than 7 months of work to have rethought everything from the beginning, we are proud to present to you today the new version of TWrench that we named Pickaw.

What's new? ✨

TWrench was a free Twitter contest draw service from a publication link.
With Pickaw, we decided to push the limits even further, in several aspects.

First of all in the organization of contests, directly from Pickaw.
Thanks to the Contest Builder, a powerful tool developed especially for the creation of contests, you will be able to plan and configure your contests in the smallest details.

Then we'll look beyond Twitter. Within a few months, you will be able to create contests on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube from Pickaw. And even on several social networks at the same time for the same contest!

More than just the creation of contests, statistics. Because the organisation of a contests is above all a marketing operation, it is very expensive and having a return on investment is something to be appreciated in order to know if it has been profitable to propose more in the future.

What changes compared to TWrench? 🔨

Many things, and to briefly summarize the most important points:

  • To access the services, you will have to register on Pickaw (whether to organize contests or check draws)
  • We have limited the load of the last 3000 entries for the Free plan. The load of additional entries will be invoiced according to the current rate in force.
  • The contest draw has been restricted to the owner account that published the contest (for example, if @pickaw_app published a contest on Twitter, it will be the only one able to make a draw on it)
  • The draws remain transparent and can be verified free of charge on Pickaw at any time

In order not to get lost, here is a comparative table (in general terms):

Features TWrench Pickaw
Drawing from an existing publication Free
Check of draws Free
Anti-bots filter (improved on Pickaw) Free
Anti-contestants filter (improved on Pickaw) Premium
Test draws Premium
Team system management Free
Limitation of draws to its own contests Free
Creation of contests, planning of reminders... Premium
Manual check of entries Business
Automatic draw Business
And much more in the coming months!

Why "Pickaw"?

This is a very good question, and as usual we will continue to be transparent!
"Pickaw" comes from "Pick a winner", which is pronounced "pico" 😊

And then what?

Now we hope that everything we have developed so far will satisfy you! If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us by email or directly from Pickaw, we will be happy to answer them with great pleasure 😉

Thanks to all of you for following us during these four long years on TWrench.
The adventure now continues with Pickaw, and many surprises to come ✌🏻