TWrench has changed its name to Pickaw on April 16th 2019 and became a richer and more professional platform.

pickaw design

twerrench? tweetrench? twittewrench? TWrench?

TWrench was a tool designed for drawing contests already published on Twitter. It had a multitude of features, from the simplest to the most advanced and has improved from year to year by conquering more and more people.

It quickly became one of the essential tools for Community Managers and was the subject of many articles in various specialized blogs:

At the end of its 4 years of completely free commissioning, TWrench received a total of €357.06 from 17 generous donors. This was not enough to cover the hosting costs of the service for nearly 500,000 users worldwide, nor those of the 60,000 contests with 21 million entries registered each month.

What's changing?

Almost everything. We decided to evolve because there was a need to be filled and an opportunity to be seized: provide even more services to contest organizers.

Pickaw is the new TWrench! Yes, we changed the name for another with a new story, but also much easier to say and not attached to Twitter.

For information, TWrench meant Twitter Wrench.

And this time, no mystery! Here's what's behind the new name: Pickaw is an abbreviated version of the expression pick a winner.

We know that everyone is having trouble pronouncing it, so we give you the trick once and for all to make sure you'll know how to pronounce it, it's really very simple to say:

One of the other major changes is status. We are moving from a simple personal website to a company with a registered trademark. This implies higher costs, as well as a team to be paid to maintain and develop the platform every day; it is therefore necessary to move to another business model that we will detail a little further on.

What's left?

The values
Pickaw will not change the values that TWrench has always promoted. We will always guarantee their essence, namely: transparency, fairness and verifiability of the drawings made on Pickaw.
A free base
Because we want the contests to remain accessible to everyone, we have created the (free) Basic plan that is assigned to each user by default and retains many of the features of TWrench, for free.

But then, what are the differences?

Main principle

Many new measures have been taken to further reduce contest fraud, here are some of them that can have an impact on your use of the platform.

In order to use Pickaw, registration via a social media is now mandatory: it allows you to authenticate yourself and prove that you are the owner of the account whose entries you wish to load and make the draw for your contests. It is therefore no longer possible to load a contest from an account that you do not have access to; it was a recurring request.

Twitter connection permissions are evolving and now require full access to your account (required by Twitter in order to be able to use a more exhaustive API), check out the Helpdesk page for more information.

Also, the draws are now unique. That is to say, only one final draw per contest is possible (except for test draws that do not count as official), where it was possible to make several on TWrench.

Existing features on TWrench

A large majority of the basic features that allow a draw to be made according to the proper rules have been retained and made available as of the Basic plan (this is the default plan assigned when you register).

While other features have become paid for, because they provide additional benefits and require a lot of development and additional analysis during the draw. Here is a small summary table:

wave geometry
The free Pickaw base allows you to import and draw your contests.
  • Importation of contests (Quick Draw)
  • 3000 free entries per contest
  • Anti-bots filter
  • Drawing of contests
  • Verification of draws
  • Random shortlinks
  • 10 winners / contest
  • 1 account / network
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wave geometry
Access more checks and filters when you draw.
19€ / month
190€ / year
  • Basic features
  • Anti-contestants filter
  • Exclusion of accounts
  • Test draws
  • Custom end date
  • Follow of additional accounts
  • 25 winners / contest
  • 2 members / team
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The load of entries is available for free up to 3000 entries. For a contest with more than 3000 entries, it is billed according to the price at the time of load and according to the number of entries.

The load of all entries is offered upon the Premium plan.

New features on Pickaw

A multitude of features have appeared and are already available on Pickaw! You will find a large majority of them exclusively in the Contest Builder, our tool for creating/planning contests:

  • Automatic contest reminders
  • Exclusions of previous winners
  • Automatic draw
  • Real-time statistics
  • Contacting the winners in private
  • Checking the like and comments
  • Publication of the different contents
  • And many more to discover...

Pickaw is no longer limited to Twitter and now sees further, we just arrived on Facebook and YouTube, and we plan to support Instagram and more social medias in the coming months! We will also offer multi-platform contests and draws among external sources (TXT, CSV...).

You will find all the currently available features on the Features page as well as those under development and to come on the Roadmap page.

About Tweetdraw (ex Twitterdraw)...

Before finishing, a word about Tweetdraw, because if you didn't know it, their services were provided by TWrench and we wanted to continue to deliver them in the future under the name Pickaw Lite.

Now integrated into their page, we have developed and maintained a module to provide them with new and future services. The various features offered by Tweetdraw have therefore been updated to be in line with our new commitments and operations.

Since Tweetdraw and Pickaw are not linked, you can draw on each of these two platforms for the same contest without any problem.

Many thanks to Iain Haywood of The Competition Agency with whom we exchanged for months to develop this new module, and for this ongoing collaboration!

That's it!

It seems that we have mentioned all the significant changes to our knowledge. If any of the points are unclear or if you still have questions about the change, we invite you to read our Helpdesk or let us know on our social media or by email, we will be happy to answer you and complete this page 😊