Choosing Pickaw for your contests is undoubtedly the best choice to make.


In a nutshell, Pickaw it's...

  • 7 of existence and expertise in drawing contests 🔀
  • 9 years of expertise on social media 👨🏻
  • Integrity and transparency service 🗣
  • Modern and fluid platform ⚡️
  • Caring about customer relationship 💙
  • Compliant with the GDPR 🔐
  • 100% french #FrenchTech 🇫🇷

Essential for contests

Because social media do not display all the entries, it is essential to use a dedicated tool if you want to make a fair draw.

Pickaw has made itself known by offering a draw verification page, which allows anyone to verify a draw to prove its authenticity and allow contest organizers to be transparent and improve your reputation. For more than 4 years now, Pickaw has remained an essential and reliable draw platform.

Other services have been created since then but none of them allows to make a draw among all the entries. This is the case of Skyrush, Retweet Picker and Lucky Retweet.

In short, if you want to do everything right, Pickaw is the only platform that allows you to retrieve all existing contest entries on social media and offering as many parameters and features during the draw.

Exclusive features

Pickaw is a unique platform providing you with advanced features that you will not find anywhere else to manage your contests. We are committed to providing high quality services with everything that can be done on social media. Here is an overview of what you can expect when using Pickaw:

Creation of contests
We have designed a tailor-made tool to create contests that we have called Contest Builder. The Contest Builder will allow you to create contests with a multitude of advanced settings and will save you time when using it!
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Importation of contests
If you didn't know Pickaw before launching your contest or don't want to use our creation tool, no problem! The Quick Draw allows you to import a contest, load its entries and make the draw in the same way 😉
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This is the most important step in a contest. Make your draws after setting up the conditions and checks. At the end of the draw, a verification page will allow you to ensure its smooth running by sharing it publicly.
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Multi-platform management
Pickaw is the only platform that allows you to manage your contests on several social media at the same time, with so many features. The centralized management of your contests saves time and efficiency on a single platform.
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Used by the greatest

Thousands of companies around the world trust and use Pickaw to manage their contests on social media. Read more
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