February 26, 2023

Join a brand new and unique Pixel War: OM-PSG version

For the February 2023 classic, discover how Betclic innovated with a live campaign on X... And even if OM didn't win the match, they triumphed in the first Pixel War organized on X against PSG!

Dynamic Live@Betclic#ClassicoDesReseaux

Dynamic Live, en savoir plus sur cette mécanique :
That kind of campaign is a live that is automatically updated according to the actions of the users. For example, if you ask a question and the users answer, the live will be updated in real time to display the answers of the users. It is a very interactive and dynamic campaign that allows you to create a unique experience for your followers.

The Briefing 💬

For several years now, the #ClassicoDesRéseaux (aka the OM-PSG match) has been a must-see social media event.

Leveraging international, national, or local events is an effective way to ride trends, engage your community, gain visibility, and stand out from the competition; all while benefiting from existing traffic.

They proposed an idea to us, and we proposed another. Ultimately, building on its immense success in April 2022 on Reddit, the concept of "pixel war" was chosen and developed for this campaign, specially adapted for the OM-PSG version.

What is a Pixel War? The principle is simple: create an interactive space where each user can place a colored pixel on a collaborative fresco in real-time. The goal? Take up as much space as possible on the canvas!

The Mechanics ⚙️

A grid was set up to create a space where participants could play from the comments of the post. A tifo was created to represent each club, then segmented to fill each cell.

To participate, users had to comment under the live post with: the cell coordinate + the hashtag of the supported team (example: C4 #TeamOM).

1 tweet = 1 cell = "1 pixel"

The rendering was immediate and displayed the club's tifo cell in the location (among 117 cells). The last comment replaced the cell according to the coordinates.

In theory:

Campaign proposal sketches.
Campaign proposal sketches.

In practice:

Final campaign design.
Final campaign design.

This allowed us to divert existing traffic from the classic and football fan communities to a unique virtual OM-PSG match, live on Twitter, at the key moment when they place their bets, a few hours before the match.

The Little Extras 🍒

To boost participation and make the campaign even more engaging, users could comment every 5 minutes.

Highlighting each participant's @handle live during their vote provided additional proof of the live and interactive nature of the campaign.

OM-G Numbers 💥

  • 3 hours of live
  • Over 500,000 impressions
  • 25,000 viewers on the live (more than a third of the Velodrome)
  • Nearly 4,000 comments
  • 1,146 unique participants
  • 2.6 comments per person on average
  • Dozens of participants commented more than 10 times
  • 17 comments for the most active participant

Want to try? Let's talk! 💌

If you like or are inspired by this type of campaign, don't hesitate for a second and contact us to discuss and set up your own version for your next event to reach/exceed your engagement goals!